Saturday, 19 September 2009


I am off! Finally decided to buy a ticket to Canary Islands,

but my ticket for €100 was gone, only for €160 were left.

Then I saw an offer for €260 to Thailand and bought it.

The plane took off at 17:30 yesterday (18.09.09) and landed

10 hours later and 9k km away in Bangkok.

The route was something like this:

Duesseldorf-Hannover-Warsaw-North of Black Sea-


At 1:30am when we were half way – somewhere between

Delhi and Calcutta – we saw sunrise...

Meals were delicious, it helped though that I was very hungry.

Pity there was no internet available on board...

We landed at 4:00am (9am local time)

and the first impression was: humid.

Second: hot.

Immigration officials gave me standard 1 month visa

and didn't charged me for it, nice.

From airport I took a bus (150 Baht) to the area of the city

where a lot of guest houses are: Khao San Road.

Soon I knew what I was looking for:

it had to be quiet.

I found it at the third attempt, cheap, simple and quiet.

200 Baht a night (100 Baht ~ €2).

It is so simple that it does not have electric sockets in it :)

Wi-Fi costs 50 Baht for 2 hours, should be enough for me

for 2 or 3 days I am here.

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