Thursday, 24 September 2009


When I was picking up my rucksack at the airport,
first I tried to take a similar looking one – only to
realise that it was much heavier than mine.

It belonged to a New Zealander, Richie, with whom
I went to look for a bus to Khao San Road
(he took the first room available for 700 Baht, I went on,
ending up with t-shirt and jeans being soaking wet).

People at tourist information centers were just desperate to help,
and they did help us. I expected them to be like their colleagues
elsewhere, sitting and waiting for customers to come in.

These ones were watching people passing by and then
they descended on some of them who remotely looked
puzzled or in need of help. My gut reaction was:
Oh my God! Its a hard sale! Say no to everything!
They were not selling anything, it was their job.

Some other guy seeing me coming out of a guest house
showed me where the next one was. Waited there and then
explained me how to find another one.

He was not doing hard sale, he was hoping to do business
with me: he had a tuk-tuk (sort of motorbike on 3 wheels
with space for passengers) and he offered to take me for
a local sightseeing tour for 10 Baht.
Its a freaking 20 cents! And he probably has a family to feed...
Life is hard.

Some sightseeings:

Please notice the unity of colours...

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