Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I asked at the reception of my guest house how one goes
from here to one of those islands. They asked which one?
I didn't know any better and pointed my finger: that one!
Koh Phangan. One takes a train (12 hours), then bus (2 hours)
and then a ferry (3 hours). Train leaves at 5pm and the
whole thing would cost 1050 Baht. When do I want to go? -
Today (I was told elsewhere that train alone cost 800 Baht
and thought the price was good). Come back here in two
ours to pick up your tickets. OK, I went out and had a bowl
of my favourite soup and the tickets were there!

The train itself reminded me of Soviet Union, with a little
twist: to make your sleeping place private - the used
removable curtains.

On arrival at the train station a couple of guys were
running around asking people where they go.
My experience tells me - its taxi drivers looking for clients.
But these ones had some kind of official budge, I showed
my ticket, he took me outside the station, pointed to the
bus: big bus, yours. And indeed it was mine.
5 minutes later we were on our way.
In the bus there were two German guys, doing the same trip,
they asked how much did I pay and were unhappy to here
the answer. They payed 1500 Baht each. Lottery.
When we arrived to the port - ferry was waiting for our bus
and left within 2 minutes.
I was impressed by efficiency of the whole thing.

Back on land, we were surrounded by people wishing to rent
bungalows. After I told them my requirements they lost
interest in me :) but was given an address anyway.
A guy on a motorbike brought me to this place
(10km away) for 100 Baht, where I am still now, paying 300
Baht a night, 30 meters from sea (perhaps 20), no people in
sight. My host rented out 2 bungalows out of 10, and so far
I haven't seen my neighbour.

A view from inside my bungalow

The sea is very warm and looks like from a
poster, I laughed when I went for a swim, not believing its all
real. But I was so tired, that the rest of the day I spent trying
to sleep and not being able to...

I have a friend in my bungalow (about 35cm long):

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