Thursday, 24 September 2009


From Thai Tourist Office: The average annual temperature
is 35°C with three distinct seasons – hot from March through
May, rainy from June to September, and cool from October
through February.

Rainy? -OK. it rained once, I wish it rained more often. It
would come handy by this blazing heat. I don't have a
thermometer but it feels to me like 30°C at night and up to
40°C afternoon.

It is pleasant temperature at night – one sleeps without any
cover and a fan on. Pictures from films like “Saigon” spring
to mind...

Last night was the first night I slept normal hours, all nights
before I slept European night hours. Bloody jet-lag.

Its a pity I can't sleep in a hammock, there is one outside of
my door. Perhaps with a little bit of exercise I'll get it...

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