Saturday, 1 May 2010


I had spent two years of my life (when I was in mid-twenties) in a Muslim country - Azerbaijan. Subsequent trips in other Arabic countries always confirmed what I experienced back then - men are preoccupied with utmost important issues like honour and respect.

Its very different here. People are warm and welcoming, more similar to Thais(Buddhists) or Philippinos (Catholics). Its just we tend to judge people by their clothes...

On several occasions I was asked for permission to be photographed with someone on the beach. I obliged but thought it was strange. Then a group of school children dissented on me: their task was to find a foreign man in underpants and to take a group picture to prove it. Then it dawned on me. Yes, locals are swimming in different suits. But there was no pressure for foreigners to comply. (Two years ago in south of France I was not allowed into swimming pool in this outfit, it had to be long swimming trunks. So there...)

Did a trip around the island on a motorbike, ca. 150 km. Pity this restaurant was not open, I would've loved to have a plate of pelemeni or borsh:

More sunsets:

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