Saturday, 10 October 2009

Host family

I am still looking for a host family, as I believe it is the quickest way to get the feel for Thai people. A hotel manager I happened to talk about it knew immediately what I wanted: South of Thailand is a wrong part of the country for this purpose, go up north. Here people are bent to make big bucks out of rich foreigners.

So, my plan is to stay in this house one month (I paid upfront), till then I will be fit again to hop around.

A human body never stops fascinating me, so versatile, with self repairing mechanism build in :)
I visit medical centre daily to change bandages, initially I had 7, now are 2 left, in a week the last one (right elbow) will have gone.

But I continue riding a motorbike, its a mass transportation system here.

On this island one does not need a driving licence, children are on the road as well...

Isn't he cool? :)

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