Thursday, 1 October 2009

Change of plans

It turned out, that wet season is about to begin.
It would last till mid-(end-) December.
I did not know that seasons differ on mainland
and islands... This is how it looks like right now here:

Which means I have to make new plans. Initially I wanted to go
direction Malaysia-Indonesia, but weather wise it the same there
as here.

It is fine in Philippines, but its too expensive to fly. Though, a
traveller from previous post knew it and bought a ticket long
time ago, cheaply. He is already there.

I am thinking going back to Bangkok, like 18 hours again
on the road. Get there a Vietnamese visa, (for Laos and
Cambodia one does not need it). And move on to there.
Spend 2 months there and then head back to my Koh Phangan.
China and Cambodia don't appeal to me at the moment.

One little tip from someone though - and I might be heading
somewhere else, I am not fixed on anything...

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