Monday, 2 July 2012


I love my chicken! They have their 200 square meters territory, little shed and different personalities:

right one - friendly, 7 days 7 eggs egg laying machine, respects the fence to my territory.

middle one - over friendly (asks to be picked up or jumps on you), 7 days 5 eggs, no respect for the fence whatsoever, no amount of education (stick) or clipped wing reduced her determination to get to the greener side. Since I don't know how she gets there - I suspect Zero Transportation, or something equally (un)imaginable.

left one - untouchable, "all men are evil" kind of girl. Respects the fence, having laid a few eggs went straight into brooding, spent 3 weeks just sitting there, after that two weeks more no eggs. Today the first egg appeared.

Luckily, they all use the same place for laying eggs. Recently they discovered the joy of neighboring lands, that is where they are spending all days now. As a result - they are no longer interested in my vegetable garden.

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