Friday, 2 July 2010


Wow! I am impressed. It is better than I expected. European standards or higher. Unlike the rest of SE Asia - tap water is safe, clean streets, efficiency... It is almost as expensive as in Europe. No homeless people - every Singaporean has, if needs to be, subsidised flat. And a free wi-fi with 100% coverage (foreigners have to pay though). All in all - the beauty of a small state, which does not have to run big projects like bombing other states (aka - peace keeping :) or sending a man to the Mars.

United we are big and strong! Divided we are small and happy!

You do not see trains coming and going (too dangerous, you might fall :) Instead, you wait in front of a glassed wall, and when a train is there - doors in a wall and of a train open simultaneously.

Panorama view of a bay area:

Flight to Bangkok, then to Düsseldorf. Back to my village - something is strange here: it is 8pm on Saturday - and not a person in sight! Very un-Asian like...

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