Sunday, 10 January 2010

On the road to Hoi An

A couple of photos from Danang.

A self-employed. He recycles EVERYTHING. Really.

An old woman


Moved today from Danang to Hoi An, which is ca. 30 km away. Wanted to go by bus like locals do and not by taxi like tourists. In tourist agency they gave me the address of a bus terminal, google maps showed me it was a walking distance, when I got there the number was 380 instead of 20, so I passed walking 300 houses only to find that there was no bus station there either. Ever present motorbike drivers offered to take me there for 35 cents, during the ride on hearing that I want to go to Hoi An, he changed direction and soon stopped, half-blocking an incoming bus, it was a bus to Hoi An. While the bus driver was impatiently waiting for me, I was trying to pay my bike man 10.000 vnd but did not have the right amount. He quickly worked it out, I got on the bus, it was big and comfortable. Bus conductor asked me to pay 40.000 vnd, I paid and then I saw my bike man following the bus and realised that I was still wearing his helmet on my head. I gave it to bus conductor and she managed to give it back to him through the window. Then counting the money I realised that the poor bike man instead of charging me - he gave me 10.000 vnd. When we got there, a Frenchman from the same bus asked me how much I paid and told me his story: first time he paid 30 k, second - 20 k, and this time he refused to pay 30 k and demanded clarity - and he was charged 12 k. So yes, they are making a lot (by their standards) of money from tourists. To me - it is a game, I negotiated the price everywhere, except trains and buses. Now only trains are left on my list :)

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