Wednesday, 2 December 2009


When I was staying at Paul's, every morning I watched a Buddhist monk coming to collect food and perform some rituals. One day I said something trying to strike a conversation. He answered in poor English and invited me to his place (another floating house 2 km away) for a day and I went with him on a little boat. We talked about, yes, you guessed it, Buddhism. And my problems. And how easy they are solved. I felt it was working. In the evening he brought me back and asked if I would like to stay at his place for several days. I said yes and next morning after his usual round I went with him with my rucksack.

And here I am, two weeks later, still in his house.

Sometimes he has to stay in hospital. First time he was 4 days away, second time it is already 5th day and he is still not there. I am enjoying my solitude, riding a boat once a day to Paul's (his nearest neighbor) to get some food (Paul is an excellent cook) and fruit at a stall next to the ferry. His house is the best I've seen in this area.

efore he was an interior designer, had his company. He owns some land in this area, including a little island next to his house. The only drawback is there is no electricity. We charge our batteries at Paul's. And Internet connection (GPRS, through sim card) is so slow, that I am unable to upload a single picture. And because there are no tourists here (not a single one) there are no internet cafe or wi-fi spot or such.

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